My Camino by numbers.

Hello friends!

Well having reached the end of the road, literally and metaphorically I thought you might like a round up of nerdy facts illustrating my pilgrimage. Summing up, this is my Camino by numbers, because numbers are fun! (And if any of you are familiar with the diaries of Bridget Jones, then imagine if she walked the Camino, she might write it up like this…hey, that’s an idea for a fourth film…):-

Number of kilometres walked – approximately 900

Number of miles walked – approximately 560

Number of routes walked – 3 (Camino Frances, Finisterre and Muxia)

Number of walking days – 43

Number of rest days – 5 (0.5 Pamplona, 1.5 Leon, 3 Santiago)

Number of pilgrim passports (Credencial) – 2 (1 from the Confraternity of St. James and the other from Leon)

Number of stamps (sellos) in my pilgrim passport – 80

Number of certificates received – 5, (Sahagun – 1 for half way, Santiago – 2, Compostela and certificate of distance, Fisterrana – 1 and Muxiana – 1)

Number of pilgrim masses attended – 4, (1 in Roncesvalles, 3 in Santiago)

Number of times I got lost – 4 (don’t ask!)

Number of injuries – 0 (well actually 1, a split lip from smacking into a hotel door, but no injuries caused by walking the Camino!)

Number of blisters – 1 (yes really, only one between my big toe and my second toe on my right foot, just in case you wanted to know the gory details, and therefore my own toes were to blame and not my lovely, comfy Saucony Peregrine 5 trail runners)

Number of kilos of weight lost – 2 kg (but really who is counting?)

Number of kilos of pack weight carried- 10.3 kg (rising to at least 11.3 kg with full water bottles, so na na na na na to Eric in St Jean Pied de Port)

Number of inches lost from waist – 1.5 (but really who is counting?)

Number of inches lost from hips – 2.5 (ditto)

Number of trekking poles stolen – 2 (1 in Carrion de los Condes, the other in Santiago and if I had caught the culprits, I would have happily impaled him or her on my retrieved trekking poles. Whoever you are you had a lucky escape, you don’t want to mess with this pilgrim!)

Number of trekking poles gained – 1 (I gave a lonely, abandoned trekking pole from the ‘lost property cupboard in the Pilgrim Office in Santiago a loving home)

Number of pilgrim meals – err probably more than you have had hot dinners?

Number of glasses of red wine – er um, sorry, what was the question again?

Number of pilgrim friends made – so many and I love them all!

Of course my journey encompasses much more than numbers so do take a moment to browse my other posts about my journey and feel free to ask me any questions or leave comments. I would love to hear from you!

More importantly, stay tuned, follow my blog for more travel adventures are coming to a screen near you very soon!

Peace, love and light,

Sarah xxx


2 thoughts on “My Camino by numbers.

  1. Dear Sarah as I have said many times I take my hat off to you what an achievement both walking and writing it’s been fun following you even if we have talked about it since you are back WELL DONE hugs Annie xx

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