Co-creating adventure: Bye bye Battersea, hello world!

Hello friends!

Here I am in the departures lounge at Gatport Airwick … er I mean Gatwick Airport, sipping coffee and watching the world trundle by on a variety of cabin luggage wheels. I have that familiar sense of anticipation and excitement effervescing inside, while I wait to board my WestJet flight to Vancouver. You know that feeling…the heady cocktail combination of euphoria, a zing of adventurous spirit tempered with a splash of nervousness, but never fear, about the unknown. For I am returning to someone familiar, my fiance, and a place that will become more so in the weeks ahead, Salt Spring Island in British Columbia and our mobile home, the beautiful and serene Gib’sea yacht Theros.

If you had told me a year ago what I would be doing today, I would never have dared believe it, because way back then I was a full-time carer to my wonderful mum and my best friend, who lived graciously with terminal cancer during her final weeks. At that time I lived from moment to moment, not wanting to think about the next day, because I did not want to contemplate my life without my mum. I was afraid that my life would feel empty and somewhat meaningless or purposeless.

However, looking back I can see clearly how the universe responded to my situation in perfect, divine timing. I met Brett, (now my fiance) a few short weeks before I moved back in with mum and he lovingly supported my mum and I through those, difficult, heart-wrenching weeks and afterwards, when my mum passed into the next world, to embark on another stage in her life’s journey.

Meeting Brett changed my life. I honestly believe he is my soulmate and twin flame. He encouraged me to dream again and to find and re-connect with the deepest parts of myself and my life path by walking 900 km along el Camino de Santiago from St. Jean Pied de Port to Santiago de Compostela and beyond to the sea at Muxia, via Finisterre. This was a journey I will never forget. It is etched on my heart forever. During my epic pilgrimage I received clarity from the universe, the source, God or great spirit (however you feel comfortable interpreting this experience) about the direction of my life for the future and confirmation that it is certainly possible to co-create it with the same spirit.

To me co-creating my future starts with raising my own vibrational energy through self-healing and re-connecting with nature. The next step is then setting my intention, clearly and unwaveringly through a simple declaration. The spoken word is extremely powerful and it is really important that we are careful in our choice of words and how we apply them to ourselves and each other. Words carry our intention – whether it is to love, to fear, to anger or hate. They carry energy with them too, whether positive or negative so I aim to focus with positive energy, in order to manifest thoughts and dreams of higher vibrations. I don’t do it all the time. I’m only human afterall (yes really) and often slump into low periods of self-doubt and negativity, worry and overthinking! Having confessed that to you, the powerful lesson I have learned during the last few months has been for me to recognise these negative thought patterns and to consciously choose alternative ones and not to mentally beat myself up about it!

So, towards the end of my epic walk along the Camino, I set a clear, unequivocal intention to put my flat up for sale on my return to the UK, move my remaining stuff to my family home in Long Itchington that mum had bequeathed to me and join Brett as soon as possible. Fast forward six months and that intention has manifested into a beautiful reality. Brett proposed to me in March when I popped across the pond to visit him. I received an offer on my flat in Battersea in April, the day before I flew back to the UK! I sorted out, decluttered and moved my stuff at the end of May and said goodbye to friends and neighbours in London. Finally my flat sale completed last Thursday and voila, here I am about to go to the gate and not only embark on my WestJet flight to Vancouver but also a new life filled with the tantalising prospects of adventures on the high seas, as well as a few on land!

It is possible to co-create adventure with the universe! I am living proof of that, so what are you waiting for? Just go and do it too! And feel free to tell me about your dreams in the comments below.

I will keep you updated on my adventures with Brett here so please follow this blog and feel free to share it with other adventurers!

Sending you peace, love and light,

Sarah xxx


10 thoughts on “Co-creating adventure: Bye bye Battersea, hello world!

  1. Love that your following your dreams and intuition. Life is such an amazing journey some times the darkest times in our lives opens the door to something beautiful. We got to walk through that door to the next part of our journey. Crazy how life always has a way of giving us what we need even if we dont know yet that we need it. So look forward to seeing you and Brett.

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    1. Thanks of your kind words. You are very wise and it is true what you say about how life gives us what we need even when we don’t know yet that we need it. Thanks for coming to our wedding and sharing our day with us.


  2. I am really excited for you Sarah and will enjoy hearing about yours and Brett’s travels and adventures. Onward into this next stage of your life, so different to the past, but incorporating all of who you are from that past. Love Marg xx

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