Sea Goddess.

Sea Goddess


I am goddess, healer, light-bearer, and friend,

A dance in the shadows and world without end,

Where white horses gallop ashore at high tide,

A foot firm on each back, I stand regally astride,

To surf the sea strand twixt the ebb and the flow,

I bring beachcomber’s treasure of sea glass to stow.


I am starfish, manatee, dolphin and pearls,

A Fibonacci sequence of calcium whorls,

Where kelp forest fronds sway to and fro,

And phosphorescence shimmers an emerald glow,

The four compass points are my realm and domain,

Air, fire, earth, water all bow to my reign.


I am tempest, zephyr, doldrums and breeze,

The eye of the typhoon and arctic ice freeze,

Where mermaids may weep and yet, Lorelei sings,

The gods are no match for this queen among kings,

The moon is my orb and bright coral my crown,

A thunderbolt my sceptre and seaweed my gown.


I am the space in between, a comma, a pause

In the bubbling breath of a drowning man’s jaw,

Where indigo fingers curl tight around his soul,

Pulling him down to the lost spirit shoals,

In the blink of an eye, I breathe life anew,

Gasping for air he survives the deep blue.


I am mind’s eye awake and heart open wide,

To the cosmic connections of spirit to guide,

Where soul seekers meet beyond time and space

In a multi-dimensional zero point place,

I welcome and nourish their healing life force,

With energy flowing from all that is source.


by Sarah Justine Packwood, November 2017

Inspired by the ocean and the sheer force of nature, while sailing down the Pacific Coast from Salt Spring Island in Canada to the Baja California on board Theros, a GibSea 42 ft sailboat. 

© Sarah Justine Packwood, November 2017

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