Hello friends!

Here is another poem that crept silently into my consciousness, while sailing on the ocean. I began to write it in November when we were sailing down the coast of Mexico. I completed it in Nicaragua today.

I was going to call it “Conformity is the death of creativity”, but then had second thoughts because it sounded a tad glum, so I re-named it “Gaia” instead. I hope you like it.


To conform is to confine the creative mind and heart entwined,

Rendering some blind to the brilliance defined by humankind,

Neither separate nor divided,

But social constructs collided

And bore forth the illusion that

Oneness is an intrusion into a fabricated state by ‘the other’,

Brothers and sisters of the same mother –

Gaia, wherein dwells a consciousness higher

Than we perceive ourselves.


© Sarah Justine Packwood, December 30th, 2017, on board SV Theros, Nicaragua.

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