Sea Turtle.

Hello friends!

Co-creating with the Universe is fun.

Here’s a short poem inspired by the magnificence of the sea turtle. Brett and I have spotted several of these amazing creatures gliding by us, as we sailed along the Mexican Pacific Coast and into Guatemala recently.


Sending you peace, love and light.

Sarah xxx

Sea Turtle.


Skimming sombrely,

The natural coracle of moss-green and brown turtle shell glistens

In the silver-sparkle fingers of sunlight that caress the carapace.

Flippers slice and paddle lazily through liquid azure blue and jade ripples,

Stirring slow eddies,

Spinning to infinity.


© Sarah Justine Packwood, 31st December 2017, Nicaragua.


If you have enjoyed this poem, please feel free to browse my other poems here.  I would be very interested to hear from you, which one is your favourite and why.  Thanks for reading!



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