Angel card readings to help you attract your soulmate this Spring.

Hello friends!

The time between Imbolc and Saint Valentine’s Day is a period of new beginnings and the heralding of Spring. The dormancy of the winter months vanishes and, as the sap rises, we notice new buds appearing on the trees, while crocus, snowdrop, iris and daffodil begin to emerge and carpet the ground in a rich tapestry of hues.


Spring energy often brings us the impetus we need to put plans into action. By setting positive intentions and simultaneously learning to let go of old, unhelpful habits, we find that we are able to take steps towards rapid personal growth, achieve projects and fulfil our dreams.

If your thoughts have turned to finding your soulmate recently then now is the time to act! This could well be your year.

Here are some easy steps to follow to help you on the path of attracting a soulmate into your life.

Step one – Reflect on your personal growth and habits

First of all, I suggest spending some moments in quiet reflection on what you have been doing or are doing at the moment to attract your soulmate. You might find that your intuition shows you areas to focus on in your personal growth and development.

Why is this important? Doing your own ‘soul work’ will prepare you to meet your soulmate through:

  • healing past wounds and traumas,
  • ‘stretching’ yourself physically, emotionally and spiritually,
  • letting go of unhealthful habits and behaviours,
  • concentrating on activities that give you the greatest joy and energy and so on

Step Two – Do your soul work

Secondly, pick one or two of these areas of ‘soul work’ your intuitive has shown you and commit to working with them over the next 21 days. I say 21 says because research has shown that this the average period of time it can take for someone to consciously change a habit.

Step Three – Visualise yourself in a soulmate relationship

Thirdly, visualise yourself in a loving, lasting, fulfilling soulmate relationship and concentrate on how this feels. I don’t mean all flowers and fluffy rabbits kind of romantic stuff. A soulmate relationship can be challenging as well as rewarding because soulmates act like mirrors, reflecting back, who we really are in our authentic selves and push us towards becoming the very best version of ourselves in the process.

Step Four – Seek angelic guidance

Lastly, ask your spirit guides and Guardian angels for assistance in attracting your soulmate. If you are unsure about how to communicate with your guides then this is where I can help you.

For the month of February 2018 only, I offer you an opportunity to have two angel card readings for £7.99 –  one angel card reading for yourself, in order to affirm and encourage you on your pathway of personal growth and development and a second for your prospective soulmate, who is waiting to meet you.

You can use both angel card readings in your visualisation exercise. These readings will not predict the future but will offer some intuitive clues for you to pay attention to in the coming months, so while I cannot guarantee the exact outcome, clients who have received angel card readings have found them inspiring, uplifting, insightful and encouraging.

February Special Offer – Soulmate Angel Card Readings for £7.99

soulmateNormally I charge £5.99 for a single, basic three card draw and written report. With my February Special Offer, you will receive two readings and a written report for £.7.99, that’s a saving of £3.99!

To order please book using the PayPal button below and allow 7 to 10 days for me to conduct the readings and send you your written report by email.


UPDATE – my February special offer is now closed but you can still book angel card readings on my Intuitive Healing with Sarah page here.

So what are you waiting for?

Sending you reiki blessings and peace, love and light,

Sarah xxx


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