Spirit of Life.

Spirit of Life.


Baby boy lies a-sleeping,

Tears of joy are softly falling,

Love surrounds him while he sleeps,

And spirit you is near,


Spirit of life eternal breathes anew.


See how his face and his tiny hands,

Are a mirror of you,

Like a child, I gaze in wonder,

At the beauty in you.


Spirit of life eternal breathes anew.


My prayer for him as he grows,

May he come to know you,

Let your hand protect him and guide him,

His whole life through.


Spirit of life eternal breathes anew.


© Sarah Justine Packwood, 1994

Hi, I wrote this song very quickly one evening, inspired by the miracle of new life coming into the world. This song is a simple blessing for a new baby. It can be sung for a baby boy or girl, with a few minor changes. I hope you enjoy this!

PS The feature image used is a photo of a painting by Katie M Berggren and you can view her online gallery and shop at this link. 

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