Free angel card reading to bring you encouragement!

Free angel card reading to bring you encouragement!

Hi everyone,

My intuition prompted me to do a basic angel card reading for you today.  Here is the video recording, and the transcript follows below it:

How are you doing today?

I thought I would take this opportunity to check in with you to find out how you are doing in these strange times that we are facing. I am just sitting outside in our garden, here on Salt Spring Island. It’s a little bit mizzly, there’s a bit of a drizzle of rain but it’s not too cold.

I just wanted to offer to you a free and very simple three card reading that, hopefully, will offer you some encouragement in that it will speak into your immediate past, so the journey you have been on the last three to six months; it will then speak into your present moment right now and it will speak into your immediate future, so the next three to six months. So without further ado, I will draw the first card for you.

Let’s have a look, ahh meditation

1) Meditation

So this is a message from the angelic realm to say to you..perhaps you have been drawn to a more contemplative phase in your life. Maybe you’ve started to practice meditation or maybe you have dabbled in this or it has been on your mind or your heart. Perhaps you have already been incorporating this in your daily practice, in which case it is a strong encouragement for you to continue with this.

If you haven’t tried it yet, then this is a sign to say, well, give it a go. At times of unprecedented change that we are facing at the moment. Sometimes it is good to look inward, in quiet reflection, slow right down, contemplate and let go of our worries, our troubles, our thoughts, our stresses and just be still and hear the small voice inside – your intuition.

  • What is it nudging you towards?
  • What do you need to let go of in your life?
  • What do you need to bring more of into your life?

This is great for alleviating stress and for bringing more calmness into your mind, body, spirit and soul at this point. This is a great sort of encouragement for you right now, to engage in some contemplative times in your day to day schedule.

The next card ….I will just shuffle the pack again.

2) Abundance

Abundance. Now, at the moment in the world today, there is probably a lot of fear  –  fear about the impact of the Covid 19 virus, a lot of worry and a lot of stress, a lot of people working around the clock to save peoples lives. There are many crises around the world as well, it is not only about the Covid 19 crisis, there are many problems that we face in our world today and a lot of fear: a lot of fear being perpetuated, particularly about scarcity and this is a reminder that at the present moment, we do live in an abundant world, we do live in an abundant universe and perhaps it is a stark reminder to us to look at our lives right now and see what it is that we are immensely grateful for.

  • Maybe it is our health and wellbeing,
  • Maybe it is our family,
  • Maybe it is the community, in which we live or
  • Maybe we live in a beautiful spot where we are very close to nature.

We can have abundant joy, we can bring abundant love and compassion in the world, so its not only about material wealth or meeting material needs. Let’s think creatively about what abundance is.

  • Is it an abundance of energy?
  • Is it an abundance of compassion and love towards our fellow human beings?
  • and to our fellow creatures on the planet?

There is abundance all around us so let us not forget that!

Let us be more aware, be more alert of the abundance that we have. And let us find ways going forward now, how we can bring abundance to other people. How can we help meet other peoples needs, so that everybody has enough to live on in the world; everybody has enough food; everybody has enough fresh water to drink; everybody has enough to live on and let us just celebrate the abundance of nature, planet earth and all that we rely on from mother earth as well.

Let us be more mindful, let us be better stewards of resources, let us not take more than we need. Abundance does not mean that we have a right to just use up all of the resources that we can get our hands on.

This is more about blessings. The blessings that we receive in our everyday life. The blessings that we can be to other people and the blessings that we can be among our fellow creatures our fellow living things on the planet as well.

  • How can we be a blessing?
  • How can we bring more abundance together?
  • How can we pool our collective energy, our collective ideas and thoughts and creativity to solve some of the worlds problems today?

So let us celebrate abundance! Let us recognise that we are part of bringing abundance to each other and to the world today.

And lastly, I am just going to draw the final card, which speaks into your immediate future, so the next few weeks to the next three months or so…

3) Enchantment

Wow, yeah, well does this take you back to when you were a child, and listening to some of the great stories, the fairytales, the myths, when we had a childlike wonder about discovering life? Each day brought something new and exciting. That sense of enchantment, that sense of magic, that sense of possibility.

I think we need this more than ever right now. Let us reconnect with the sense of enchantment. Let’s reconnect with the magic in the everyday. Let us rediscover the sense of wonder that we had perhaps when we were children and recognise that the world is filled with magical possibility and let this just lift your spirits and lift your mind and your thoughts to what is possible in your life going forward.

  • How can you rediscover that sense of enchantment, even in the ordinary every day routine?
  • Can we just slow down a bit and be a bit more alert about the beauty that is around us?
  • Can we dwell a little with each other, celebrating through music and song, or telling stories to each other, sharing our life experiences, where we can just recall some of those magical moments in our lives, the synchronicities, the coincidences that have happened, the joys and the sorrows?
  • Can we find an outlet for our creativity to bring magic to other people and a sense of enchantment?

The world, our beautiful planet, the universe is an enchanted place.

  • Let us open our minds and our hearts and our spirit to the multiple dimensions that are there.
  • Let us be open to guidance from the universal consciousness, from the other realms.
  • Let us be mindful of the guidance that nature in all her glory teaches us and
  • Let us be mindful of the messages that come through to us from other people, whether they are those, who are still with us physically on the planet or whether they are our ancestors, our loved ones, who have passed over and they have made their transition, but they can still guide us.

So be aware of enchantment in your life today, be encouraged by this, that all is not lost, there is a future for you, there is possibility there is a chance to bring magic into your life.

So I hope these cards encourage you today!

Do stay at home, because this may save lives, and do stay well. Look after yourselves and look after each other and I will be back in touch again soon.

Sending you peace, love and light,

bye bye,



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