Meet me at table

Meet me at table!

Meet me at table, bring bread and some wine,

Our guests are all waiting, your friends and mine,

We’ll sit down together and serve up good fayre,

For the land’s surely blessed us with plenty to share.

Meet me at table, take the weight off your feet,

Relax here among us and please take your seat,

I’ll pour you a glass and we’ll toast this fine day,

When you came for a visit whilst walking the Way.

Meet us at table, we’ll eat til we’re full,

And tell stories til midnight, sure it won’t be dull,

We have more in common than divides us you see,

So be at peace, pilgrim, you’re welcome and free.

a poem written by Sarah Justine Packwood, inspired by walking the Camino Frances (in 2015 and 2019) and the Camino Portuguès (in 2016). These are two of the most popular routes among many that make up the internationally recognized pilgrimage of el Camino de Santiago.

This poem features in our new video about el Camino de Santiago, which I have uploaded to my YouTube channel. You can watch it by clicking on this link: “A Poetic Journey along el Camino de Santiago” (Camino Frances)

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Thank you for reading!

Peace, love and light,

Sarah xxx


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