I surrender to all that is in this moment, not in passive resignation but actively accepting that I am about to learn what I need to learn right now.

Karma or destiny, it doesn’t matter which, for I sense that these words do not capture the meaning of my journey ahead.

I surrender my thoughts, words and deeds to a higher consciousness that has brought synchronicities across my pathway,

To lift my weary head above my everyday concerns and make me take notice of the wider horizons of my soul’s journey.

I surrender and release my need to control outcomes, my urge to perform and the constant desire to please everyone.

And just accept the present.

I open my mind, hands, heart and spirit to what is and soon to come.

With each step I cleanse my soul and clear my thoughts that have been clouded by the ever-encroaching onslaught of modern life.

With each bend and curve, every hill and dale, I surrender to the energy of the moment and accept my immediate reality –

A healing and spiritual transformation of my life and a stepping stone into a new and sacred future.

– a poem written by Sarah Justine Packwood and James Brett Clibbery, inspired by walking the Camino Frances route of el Camino de Santiago.

© Sarah Justine Packwood and James Brett Clibbery, 2020

This poem features in our new video about el Camino de Santiago, which I have uploaded to my YouTube channel. You can watch it by clicking on this link: “A Poetic Journey along el Camino de Santiago” (Camino Frances)


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