My Lagan love

Dear friends,

I hope this finds you and your loved ones well. Music is good for the soul and I am enjoying singing again. It has been a long time since I made music or sang songs as I have been too focussed on consultancy work and working with my husband on building a tiny home on Salt Spring Island.

Anyway, in these COVID 19 times of self-isolation, social distancing and lockdown, I have felt the pull of music like never before and I am finding much joy in re-discovering my old repertoire, from the days when I used to sing in folk clubs.

Here is another of my favourite folk songs called “My Lagan love”, which hails from Ireland. Enjoy the video below:

I include the lyrics here, in case you wish to learn this song.


My Lagan love


Where Lagan stream sings,

There blows a lily fair,

The twilight is in her eyes,

The night is on her hair,

And like a lovesick lenanshee,

She hath my heart in thrall,

No life I owe nor liberty,

For love is Lord of all.


And often when the beetles horn

Hath lulled the eye to sleep,

I steal until her shieling torn,

And through the dooring peep,

There on the cricket’s singing stone,

She stirs the bogwood fire,

And guns in sad, sweet undertone,

The song of heart’s desire.

Her welcome like her love for me,

Is from the heart within,

Her warm kiss is felicity,

That knows no taint nor sin,

When she was only fairy small,

Her gentle mother died,

But true love keeps her memory warm,

By Lagan’s silver side.


Feel free to share this post with other people if you think they would enjoy the song. Also, if you would like to see my other music videos, then please subscribe to my youtube channel, click on this link Sarah Justine Packwood 

Thank you for reading and for watching the video. 

Peace, love and light, 

Sarah xxx


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