The Waters of Tyne

Hello friends!

Here is my latest folk song offering called “The Waters of Tyne”, which is a traditional English folk song from Newcastle Upon Tyne and one of my all time favourites. I first learned it in 1994, while I was a member of the Roughditch Folk Band, which hails from Rowledge in the south of England. We used to get together to play folk music on a Friday night and I looked forward to our meet ups. I always enjoy playing music and singing with other people.

This is my first attempt at a multi-vocal and instrumental music video, so please bear with me, while I learn as I go along!  Here, I have arranged a two-part vocal harmony with acoustic guitar and mandolin accompaniments. I dedicate this song to Geordies everywhere and anyone who has been fortunate to visit this magnificent city and walk along the banks of the mighty River Tyne. I really hope you enjoy it!

These are the lyrics I am used to singing:

The Waters of Tyne

I cannot get to my love if I should die (pronounced dee…),

The waters of Tyne run between him and me,

And here I must stand with a tear in my eye (pronounced ee…),

Both sighing and sickly my sweetheart to see.

Where is the boatman my bonny hinny?

Where is the boatman, bring him to me,

To ferry me over the Tyne to ma hinny,

And I will remember the boatman and thee.

Bring me the boatman and I’ll pay any money,

And you for your troubles rewarded shall be,

To ferry me over the Tyne to ma hinny,

Or scull him across that rough river to me.


Sometimes the song is called “The Water of Tyne” and I have seen a version of the lyrics where the last line reads “Or scull him across that broad water to me..”

What version of this song and musical arrangement do you know and love? I would be interested to hear from you in the comments below.

Thank you so much for reading and watching.

Feel free to share the link with others, who might enjoy it too. Also, don’t forget to subscribe to my youtube channel, at this link Sarah Justine Packwood

Peace, love and light,

Sarah xxx

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