Camino day

Hello friends,

This is a poem by my husband James Brett Clibbery (in the feature photo), inspired by our walk along the Camino Frances route of el Camino de Santiago last year. It captures vividly what it is like to walk the Camino. This poem, along with others we have written, will feature in a short iMovie that we are working on, which we hope to publish soon.

We hope you enjoy it. Do feel free to share it.

Buen Camino and ultreïa et suseïa!

Brett and Sarah xxx

Camino Day

We start before sunrise,

Quietly collecting our wares,

Step out into the early morning air,

Petzl lights our way as albergue disappears


Careful steps in morning mist,

A quiet walk in search of bliss,

And sun crosses horizon to warm our hearts,

A new day dawns and lights our march,


Then café slips into our vision,

First breakfast waits to warm our soul,

New friends here already say “hello”,

“Café con leche” we call and join the glow,

Some places serve rolls and some croissants,

And every now and then a cooked meal is done,

No matter the fare all will fill the need,

Of Camino breakfast and back to follow the lead,

We walk and we talk with pilgrims we meet,

The talk is of life, love and spiritual need,

And some walk faster and some quite slow,

And so we walk on “Buen Camino” and go.

New café ahead and stomach awakes,

Our gait quickens and we get closer again,

More carbs and more café con leche,

More “hellos” and “farewells” and smiles all around,

Off once again through the beauty of Spain,

More people, more stories and more insights to gain,

Each person a collection of dreams and desires,

Of reasons and none for walking the way,

And then albergue is spotted, a bed and a meal,

A rest and a shower, wash clothes and repack,

Dinner soon to be had and more friends to be made,

And sleep soon will come and cycle is done,

Each day brings a new way,

A new walk through this world,

An order of simplicity that has slowly unfurled,

To give us the joy of Camino in heart.

by © James Brett Clibbery,  June 2020

This poem features in our new video about el Camino de Santiago, which I have uploaded to my YouTube channel. You can watch it by clicking on this link: “A Poetic Journey along el Camino de Santiago” (Camino Frances).


11 thoughts on “Camino day

      1. Yes, one day. Maybe not the full distance. Tim who we walked with was doing two weeks… I miss Navarre, and the Rioja. And the meseta. And I only ever saw O’Cebreiro in mist and rain and wind!


  1. Thanks Jim! I don’t know how you all managed to keep walking after a second Camino cerveza breakfast 😀. I have great memories of meeting the pissed pilgrims and I hope to meet you again one day! Love, Sarahx


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