Spirit of life – original song for a new born baby girl

Hello friends!

Well folks, it has only taken me 26 years to get round to arranging and recording this song I wrote way back in 1994. I shared the original lyrics with you as a poem a while ago in this blog but I have since adapted them.

Now, the song is a simple melody and intended to be a lullaby to welcome a new born baby girl into the world. I have arranged it for a two-part vocal harmony, acoustic guitar and flute accompaniment. Here it is:

Here are the adapted lyrics:

Spirit of Life – a lullaby

Baby girl lies a-sleeping,

Tears of joy are softly falling,

Love surrounds her while she sleeps,

And spirit is near.

Spirit of life eternal breathes anew

See how her face and her tiny hands,

Are a mirror of you,

Like a child I gaze in wonder,

At the beauty in you.

Spirit of life eternal breathes anew (repeat)

My prayer for her as she grows

May she come to know you

Let your hand protect and guide her

Her whole life through

Spirit of life eternal breathes anew (repeat to fade)

© Sarah Justine Packwood, 1994

I intend to arrange and record a version for a new born baby boy in due course. However, I would like to come up with a slightly different harmony and I might do an acoustic guitar and mandolin accompaniment. We shall see. Do you think that would be a good idea?

If you like this song, I would be honoured if you would share it with parents, who are welcoming or have recently welcomed a new born girl into their family. I would like this to be a blessing! I think it is time for more blessings in the world don’t you?

I would welcome your feedback, so please feel free to leave comments below.

Thanks so much for watching and listening.

More original songs are coming soon…. 

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Peace, love and light,

Sarah xxx

Spirit of Life – © Sarah Justine Packwood 1994


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