A kraken collection by Wayfaring Sarah Design

Hello friends!

In perpetual motion once more

It was been a while since my last blog post. Brett and I have been on a road trip across Canada from Salt Spring Island, British Columbia to Cape Breton in Nova Scotia, where we were in self-quarantine for two weeks. We had to do this before heading back to work on our boat Theros, which is on the hard in Dartmouth Yacht Club, near Halifax. We had planned to conduct some repairs and upgrades in order to prepare her for our voyage across the Atlantic next spring.

However, while we were in self-quarantine, sadly, my lovely Auntie Josie passed away so now I am in England, under self-quarantine again and waiting to see to arrangements and to attend her funeral.

Meanwhile, Brett is back on board Theros and doing the repairs and upgrades. He was on hurricane watch the first evening. Hurricane Teddy passed by closely, but thankfully didn’t hit the yacht club directly. Brett observed the effects of the torrential rain and storm surge. No boats were damaged and no boaters were injured. I am grateful that he and the other yacht club members were all OK.

Introducing the kraken collection

A few weeks ago, I told you about returning to my love of drawing. I had created a pen and ink line drawing of the mythological creature the kraken, which I copied from the original mural I painted in the companionway of Theros.

Then I decided to open an Etsy shop et voilà Wayfaring Sarah Design was born. My dream is to be able to spend more time creating original pieces of art, inspired by nature, travel and mythology, which I hope to sell on Etsy, as well as face to face at art and craft fairs and so on.

For now, until I get back to Salt Spring Island, where I can search for companies, who can reproduce art as high quality Giclée reprints, I have been having ago at making digital, downloadable printable from my art. At the moment, there are a few designs and they are available as printable greetings cards, which can be downloaded after purchase at a very reasonable price and printed in the comfort of your own home.

I thought I would share them with you in the slideshow below.

What do you think?

You can find them in my Wayfaring Sarah Design Etsy shop, click here:

Also you can find them featured on my Pinterest Board entitled Wayfaring Sarah Design for Nauti Buoys and Gulls, feel free to share!

If you are a creative soul and are busy creating art and crafts and would like to set up your own Etsy shop, then please feel free to accept my invitation to claim your first 40 free listings, which will be available to you when you set up your store. Click on the link below to claim your listings and we will both benefit (as I will also receive 40 free listings).

I claim my 40 free Etsy listings


Kraken T-shirts coming soon

I also used the kraken drawing to produce T-shirts for my husband, the Captain and I. Here is Brett modelling his, in front of the little, remote cabin on Cape Breton, where we quarantined.

Having a kraken good time!
And here I am, the First Mate, having a kraken good time in the kitchen in an AirBnb

A few of our friends expressed an interest in buying T-shirts with the kraken design on it without the wording. What do you think? I will look into getting some printed in the coming weeks when I am back on Salt Spring Island if there is sufficient interest. I am thinking about sourcing ethical T-shirts and using a print on demand service. I will update you later on.

If you are interested or know someone, who might be drop me a message in the comments below.

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Thanks for reading my blog!

Peace, love and light,



PS. All products are copyrighted ©Sarah Justine Packwood 2020


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