How we met: “I was donating a kidney to my sister” – article in The Guardian

Hello friends,

Recently, a freelance journalist interviewed Brett and I for an article in The Guardian. Brett was on hurricane watch at the time at our boat, Theros, in Dartmouth, Nova Scotia, while I was in self-quarantine for two weeks in a little self-contained flat in Leamington Spa. I had just flown in to arrange the funeral of my lovely Auntie Josie, who had passed away in September 2020.

The interview gave Brett and I a wonderful opportunity to reminisce about how we met way back in 2015. I still can’t believe what my oyster card top-up brought me that day, especially as I very nearly caught the train instead. Isn’t it amazing how synchronicity, fate or destiny works? We also talked about some of our adventures we had co-created since then.

I didn’t think the article would ever go to print as I imagined that Guardian writers must submit hundreds of articles each week, but it was and here it is:

How we met: “I was donating a kidney to my sister” – article in The Guardian

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If you would like to see what a handfasting ceremony at dawn at Stonehenge is like, then watch the video below.

I am looking forward to sharing more of our adventures with you soon!

Peace, love and light,

Sarah xxx

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