Armistice – an original war poem, narrated on YouTube

Hello friends,

This poem revealed itself to me in 2018, the year that marked 100 years since the end of the First World War 1914 – 1918, then known as “The Great War” or later on, “the War to End All Wars”.

In this short iMovie, I narrate the poem, against the background of battle sounds, which accompanies a collection of images. I warn you that some of the words and images are quite graphic and the war pictures are real photographic records of the First World War. In this sense, this short video may not be easy to watch or listen to but I encourage you to stick with it and watch it through to the end.

I think it important we remember what happened back in 1914 – 1918 – the War to End All Wars, and ask ourselves “What have we really learned from it and since then?”

My work as a humanitarian aid worker has taken me to conflicts in various parts of our beautiful world and it pains my heart, soul and spirit to still see brutal conflicts raging on today.

I do still hope sincerely that this poem will touch the hearts of many, in a way that may help to foster a greater will and sense of urgency to work towards peaceful solutions.

Thank you for watching!

To read the poem, please visit this link:

Armistice © Sarah Justine Packwood, 5th April 2018

Peace, love and light,

Sarah xxx


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