Wisdom of the deer blessing for the New Year 2021

May the grace of the deer guide your movements through tricky terrain,

Unknown and known pathways and lead you home safely,

May the gentle soul of the deer encourage you to walk lightly on the earth,

Taking only what you need and nothing more and

Leaving only footprints,

May the awareness of the deer keep you ever alert to your surroundings,

What is going on around you and

What is going on in your inner landscape,

May the quiet strength of the deer steel you to persevere in times of trouble,

To leave situations that no longer serve you and to be courageous not fearful,

May the antlers of the stag teach you that although there may be seasons of battle,

May these conflicts lead to new growth and horns shed to bring peace and renewal,

May the wisdom of the deer bless you and your loved ones in the New Year!

© Sarah Justine Packwood, 31st December 2020

Happy New Year everyone!

New Year’s Day Update

This blessing of the deer revealed itself to me yesterday, on New Year’s Eve Today, on New Year’s Day, I felt prompted in my spirit to set this blessing to some of the beautiful clips and images we have collected of deer in the forest, where we now live on Salt Spring Island, BC (and where we have built a tiny eco-home) and also from the back yard of Brett’s mum’s in Kenora, Northern Ontario, Canada.

As you know, my husband Brett and I have recently enrolled as members of the Order of Bards, Ovates and Druids (OBOD) and are studying for our Bardic Grade, which is an exciting journey of discovery, co-creativity and of being in greater harmony with nature. It is compatible with Christianity and other faiths or no faith and it has many aspects in common with Christian Animism and Celtic Christianity.

I am sharing this blessing with you all as I sincerely hope the wisdom of the deer will bless you and your loved ones richly today and always. I hope you enjoy this short form video.

Let us together herald the beginning of a new era, where we humans work more closely with nature and not against her and be willing to listen to the many messages of wisdom she contains.


I have used an exquisite piece of music from the YouTube Audio Library to accompany the images and video clips called “Invisible Beauty” by Aakash Gandhi. Please feel free to share this short film widely, let the blessing ripple outwards to touch the hearts of as many people as possible.

Thank you for watching and sharing and for your friendship, kindness and love and for supporting and encouraging me on my co-creative journey through this blog. I am so grateful for all of your follows and comments.

With much peace, love and light,

Sarah x


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