Intuitive card reading for the New Year 2021

Hello friends,

Instead of writing about New Year’s resolutions, I thought I would do an intuitive card reading to begin 2021. I have used two card decks, an angel oracle card deck and a set of reiki cards, as I did recently for the intuitive card reading I gave to mark the recent Great Conjunction of Saturn and Jupiter and the Winter Solstice.

I hope this message resonates with your heart, uplifts and vitalises you for the coming days and weeks ahead.

Here is the pattern of cards I drew out just now:

1. Immediate past (last 3 months): celebration & healing

The first angel card I drew was celebration, indicating that you have great cause to celebrate, because the hard work you have been doing is beginning to bear fruit. Although this could mean your current job or role, it does not necessarily mean physical work. Alternatively, it could mean the seeds you have sown and nurtured in any sphere of your life: your own personal development, your relationships with friends, family, colleagues or the wider community; your healing journey; a creative project related to your hobbies or interests and so on.

However, it is time to reflect on your achievements and your ability to co-create and turn your thoughts, visions and dreams into reality with gratitude. We are all creators but sometimes in the busy-ness of every day life, we can often lose sight of that, which we wish to bring into the world. Congratulations on your perseverence! Give yourself a well-earned pat on the back and celebrate. Hold on to these feelings of joy, achievement and satisfaction. Dwell in these higher vibrations of energy and they will help you to manifest your desires and dreams going forward.

Next I drew the reiki card, which represents healing and the colour green indicates that this indicates your heart chakra (or the energy centre that emanates from the heart). To me, this clearly complements the celebration card by emphasising that you have been working hard on your own healing journey and perhaps your desire and ability to work towards helping people or other living beings to heal as well. Your healing powers come from and are supported by your heart chakra. Take good care of your body and your heart and listen to the messages you receive from your heart energy centre.

2. Present moment: support & humour

In this present moment, the angel card of support shows you that you are not alone in your endeavours and you must not fear. You are surrounded by and have all of the support you need from many benevolent beings, in the physical realms and in the spiritual realms, who watch over you, protect you and guide you.

Spend time in meditation and reach out to your guides and seek their help or advice, whenever you need it. We are all inter-connected. Past, present and future are all linked. We are connected through time and space to our ancestors, who have gone before us and to those, who will come after us. The wisdom and knowledge of all is available to us at all times. Draw upon this guidance and be confident that you will receive the support at exactly the right time.

I draw the reiki card that represents humour and the colour red indicates that this relates to your root chakra, (the first chakra located at the base of the spine), which is also known as the earth chakra. Think of the root chakra like the roots of an oak tree, growing down, deep into the soil and substrata connecting you to mother earth and providing you with the means of nourishment for your growth. This is about your identity and your rootedness to this planet. Humour is a key characteristic of your own identity. It is very much about who you are. You are playful by nature and can find humour and bring humour in/into situations to bring help, healing, problem-solving, as well as challenge, where and when it is needed.

This card reminds you to be more playful, find and use humour to lift your own spirit and vibrations, as well as those of others. It is a gift. Use it.

3. Immediate future (next 3 months): spiritual growth & strength

The last angel card I drew was spiritual growth, which is pretty self explanatory really. It indicates that in the next three to six months, your spiritual journey will accelerate and you will grow spiritually so enjoy the ride!

Listen to your intuition and pay attention to the signs and messages your are receiving that might guide you towards reading material, podcasts, courses, talks or more formal programmes of study that will be relevant to your spiritual journey. Ensure that you make time to sit quietly to meditate or walk quietly in a forest, park or by the sea, so that you can make space to integrate what you are learning into your whole being.

Again, do not be fearful of the changes in your life and remember that you are fully supported in the physical and spiritual realms. The reiki card I drew to accompany the angel card was strength and the blue colour represents the throat chakra: self-expression, communication and truth.

This suggests to me that an aspect of your spiritual growth in the next few months, will be related to and depend on your strength of communication and how you express yourself, including speaking your truth. Communicate what is on your heart. Speak out your intentions for the next few months. Be mindful of the words you use to describe yourself or in relation to other people or other beings. Refrain from negative or harsh words and speak using loving, positive affirmations and blessings. Ask for support from the spiritual realm to enable you to grow in confidence in your communication, self-expression and in speaking truth.

And so ends this free, intuitive card reading for today.

If you would like me to do a personal intuitive card reading for you, either by video call or by email, then please feel free to get in touch with me using the contact form below:

After our initial contact, if you wish to go ahead and book an intuitive card reading then you can do so on my Intuitive Healing with Sarah page – there you can choose a simple intuitive reading using one card deck ($10 CAD), or a combination intuitive reading like the one in this blog post using two decks ($15 CAD).

Thank you for reading!

Peace, love and light,

Sarah xx


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