Wayfaring Sarah Design Art Prints on YouTube

Hello friends!

Following my recent posts about my first three Limited Edition art print series, I put together a little 7 minute video.

Full video transcript

Sarah: It is early morning and we are on the ferry from Fulford Harbour on Salt Spring to Swartz Bay on Vancouver Island. It is a special day for me today, I’m going to Ladysmith to pick up my first print run of drawings and as the sun rises I feel the excitement welling up inside me. It’s not long before I reach CanvasPlus and pick up my first package.

The moment of truth, I just picked up the first run of my art prints from Ladysmith yesterday and I am just going to open up and see what they are like. These are the certificates of authenticity for each print. This is because they are limited editions, so I am just having up to 100 prints made of each one. So in this package I think they have just included a few of the kraken and a few of the seal cubs, so I have to go back soon to pick up the rest but it is exciting! And they have wrapped them really well, so that’s good. Ha ha, that’s better. Let’s see, can I get that now open already, no, what’s holding it? There we go! Oh and here. Right, are you ready? (To Brett holding the camera) You might have to come closer. Let‘s see. Ooohhh. This is the kraken, and then, let’s have a look … that’s also the kraken. So…and the seal cub, can you see that? They are beautiful. Really perfect quality. They are printed using the giclée ink jet print technique and they are on cold press, natural paper. I’ll show you more later.

<slide show>

Brett: Here she is, with more of her pictures!

Sarah: I’m going to open the second package of art prints that I have received. I am really excited. I hope to get these up on Etsy very soon. As you can see, I am up in our sleeping loft in our tiny house and this is where I do my drawings, usually in the evenings. We don’t have television here, so we amuse ourselves by reading or playing music, listening to the radio and it gives me time to be creative as well. So, without further ado, I am going to open this package and then I can show you what I have received.

Last time I showed you my kraken drawings, and, also the ones of the seal cub, the cute little seal cub – the Seal of Approval, so let’s see what we have got here. Yep, another, oops, I don’t want to bend that back too much, that’s it, ah that’s the problem. So, yes, we have another set of seal drawings and I think there are some more krakens in here as well. They have all been beautifully packed, yes we have got krakens as well, wow look at that! And…drum roll please… the one that you didn’t see last time, the blue-footed boobies, Sula nebouxii…I love these little chaps…and people often approach me on social media for me to post up booby pics, so here they are, a fine pair of boobies…am I doing it right? Now, these will be up on Etsy very soon.

Meanwhile, in TJ Beans, our favourite coffee shop in town, our friends John and Tim have hung one of my booby pictures up on the wall. All three art prints are now available for purchase in my Etsy store, Wayfaring Sarah Design .

Thank you for watching and supporting my creative journey. See you later!

Peace, love and light,

Sarah x


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