Do not let the naysayers & internet trolls get you down!

Hello friends!

Thought for the day

Lately I have been reflecting on how easy it is for me to get sucked into the great cloud of negativity that follows me around whenever I take steps to co-create my reality and endeavour to live my best life. It can happen just like that in response to someone’s unkind or downright hateful comment or a nasty piece of gossip that has found its way to my ears.

Do you know what I mean? I know I am not alone! I think that with the rise of digital technology and social media, there is also a concomitant increase in passive aggressive behaviour or overt maliciousness, when people feel emboldened to write things that perhaps they would not have the guts to say face to face. I wonder if we have we forgotten how to be kind in our societies around the world? Have we neglected the social cues and the social emotional learning we have been brought up with from our face to face interaction and relationships? Perhaps isolation during COVID19 lockdowns have exacerbated these behaviours?

Anyhow, my reflections today lead me to declare to all, who need to read or hear this today:

Do not let the naysayers and the internet trolls that come across your path get you down!

Sometimes people may comment to you (or worse, about you behind your back to other naysayers) in relation to your dreams, ambitions and visions that are close to your heart and you feel their negativity cut you to the quick. They may appear to wish to put you down, doubting your abilities, experience, competence or passion or they seem to have a desire to trample your dreams under their feet until they are dust.

Sometimes these comments might come from surprising places, such as people you know, like family members, friends, work colleagues, neighours or even people, who do not know you that well at all.

From what I have learned over the years, these reactions often emanate from one or more of the following:

  1. Fear – ie. “I am so scared, I would never do that or never be able to do that, therefore you won’t be able to”, their fear limits themselves and therefore they project that limitation on to you,
  2. Unhappiness – they are unhappy about something going on in their own lives and therefore this prevents them from seeing the possibilities open to you, and again, they end up projecting their own unhappiness on to you,
  3. Lack of understanding – they do not fully understand what it is you aim to do and what is involved, so are dismissive,
  4. Regret – perhaps they had dreams of their own, which they were not able to fulfil and so their response is unwittingly tinged with jealousy or envy about the path you are about to embark on,
  5. Lack of really knowing who you truly are – yes, they do not know who you really are – your passions, dreams, attributes, strengths, talents and potential and what you have come to earth to do.

Do not worry about this and do not panic! You do not have to listen to them and live your life in beige.

You know who you are and what you are made of. And, you know what?

Your dreams cannot and will not be trampled into dust under their feet, because your dreams are like birds: they can fly, they can swoop, they can soar, they can spiral upwards, they can dive and swerve to avoid obstacles in the way and will come to land at a vantage point from where they see the landscape stretching out ahead to the horizon, and beyond to the spiritual planes reaching into multidimensional infinity.

Let your dreams always lift you up. Let your dreams spur you onwards to take action, perhaps even small steps towards your goals, but take those steps anyway. Rest if you must and then continue. Release the negativity with love. Consciously allow your co-creative energy and love to expand outwards from your energy centres and particularly your heart space, to everyone and everything around you. Be fearless.

Go forwards my friends. The universe cannot steer a stationary vehicle! Go onwards and upwards!

Plough your own furrow and sow the seeds that you will water and nourish.

Walk your own pathway, because by walking your own way, you create your path.

Steer your own course through the deep blue and through turbulent waters to reach your safe harbour.

Fly higher with dignity and grace.

With much peace, love and light,

Sarah xx


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