Rise ‘n shine, it’s Earline time! Earline’s self-help tips for Alex Jones from Infowars.

Hello friends!

A friend of mine is an amateur internet radio hostess called Earline and she has just sent me an email telling me that she has launched her first trailer for her new podcast. She says:

“Good mornin’ listeners!

How y’all doin’ in there? My name is Earline and this is my first internet radio podcast.

Thanks for listening in. I’d love y’all so much if you would subscribe (but don’t tell Alex right?)

And remember, don’t go hiding your light under a bushel, coz it will probably catch fire….

Until next time, stay Corvid safe everyone!

Earline x

PS the jingle is from a piece called Sally Goodin’ by Nat Keefe with the Bow Ties, from the royalty free music stash in the YouTube audio library.”

I would just like to add something very important. DO NOT EVER put ivermectin or bleach into your coffee and drink it! Earline was just joking OK?!

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Thanks a lot folks.

Peace, love and light,

Sarah x


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