The piano rescue – a short story

Hello friends!

I thought you might enjoy this true story that has a little surprise at the end…

The piano rescue

‟Once upon a time there was a young lady, who loved to play her piano. It was her best friend. She would sit and play for many hours a day not noticing the time.

She understood the simple fact that music is one of our greatest gifts.

When her fingers touched the piano keys the melodies transported her to distant lands and the palaces and concert halls where she could delight in the company of Mozart, Beethoven, Chopin or Debussy. As she grew older she cherished listening to music more and more but she was not able to play her piano as often as she would have liked.

Sadly, a day arrived when she decided to move into long-term care and she could not take her beloved piano with her. Her granddaughter knew how much she loved her piano and how it hurt her to part with it, so she was determined to make sure it would go to a new home.

Brett spotted her advert. She offered the piano free to anyone who would go and pick it up. It was a no brainer. The next day we borrowed our neighbour’s truck, hitched our trailer to it and drove onto the ferry to Swartz Bay. We were soon on our way to rescue it before it would end up at the rubbish tip.

Another neighbour of ours, Cathy, is a piano technician and she just happened to be in the area at the time and offered to check it out before we arrived. She gave us the thumbs up and before we knew it we loaded the piano up onto the trailer and brought it back to Salt Spring. We had to use a combination of truck and trailer, ATV and excavator and sheer brute force to get the piano safely into our tiny home. It just fits!

A few days later I managed to find some sheet music at a second hand book store that both Brett and I can use and enjoy. …And now it is time to try it out…”

Film clips and music used

Most of the photos and video clips are originals taken by me. However, in order to tell this story, at the beginning I incorporated a few royalty free video clips from some great, inspiring film makers, who you can discover on Pexels as follows:

1. Yaroslav Shuraev

2. Roman Odintsov

3. Steve B

4. Cottonbro

5. Kindel Media

The first piece of music you hear is the No. 1 A Minor Waltz by Esther Abrami, and I was allowed to use this, again royalty free, from the YouTube Audio Library.

The second piece of music is Claire de Lune by Claude Debussy.

Music is magic, that is all!

Thank you for watching and supporting my co-creations. I endeavour to post up more short films and blog posts very soon.

Peace love and light,

Sarah x

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