Scouser Ada talks about Tory Christmas parties, northern independence & The Beatles film – Get Back.

Hello friends,

Watch out, watch out, there’s a scouser about!

Meet Ada from Liverpool, a front line worker, chatting with her neighbour Doris about the Tory Christmas parties scandal, her ideas for who could lead the north of England to independence and she fondly remembers John Lennon and the other members of The Beatles. You can imagine, she has a lot to say about these things! Mind you, she also has some very choice words for film director Peter Jackson.

Public Service Announcement: A triad of YouTube channels

It has probably come to your attention already that I run more than one YouTube channel for various creative endeavours. My amateur forays into comedy in various forms are housed under Very Bad Hippy, while you can discover my regular creative projects, such as Two Blondes on a Build video blogs, folk music and original poetry videos, including our popular Camino videos under my own name Sarah Justine Packwood.

Also, Brett and I have a dormant, joint YouTube channel for Theros Sailing Adventure, which we hope to wake up in the spring of 2022, all being well, when we intend to resume some of our sea faring exploits! We have talked about broadening this title to just Theros Adventures in future, so that it can encompass adventures on land as well, such as biking across Canada (which Brett would like us to do in two years time) and long distance hikes etc. I will be grateful for your thoughts on this and also for any feedback on any of the videos. I really love the creative process that making films offers, but I am acutely aware that I am a beginner and would like to improve!

Thanks for reading and watching and journeying along with me, I really appreciate your support and encouragement.

Peace, love and light,

Sarah x

PS Ada says Merry Christmas.

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