I’m triple vaccinated but then this happened…

Hello friends!

How are you all doing? I got my Covid vaccine booster shot recently, which was such a relief I couldn’t help bursting into song. Thank Dolly Parton and the Moderna team is all I can say really…

Song lyrics to “Vaccine”

OK confession time, so I borrowed a couple of lines and the tune from Dolly Parton but I didn’t feel too bad about it, as Dolly began to re-write the lyrics to her very famous song Jolene when she had her first shot of Covid vaccine.

If you want to sing along to the video then here are the lyrics.


Vaccine, vaccine, vaccine vaccine,

Please don’t give me nasty side effects,

Vaccine, vaccine, vaccine, vaccine,

Both Dolly and Moderna I respect

Verse 1

I went to get my booster shot,

I thought that it might make me hot,

Went to the clinic to face my needle fears,

When I got there it wasn’t bad,

The male nurse smiled and held my hand

Said I’ve got over little pricks for years,

Verse 2

So I’m sending Covid down the tubes 

Will Moderna give me bigger boobs?

But now I’m home I’m only feeling tired,

I’d wanted quite a cleavage lift,

Instead by shoulder’s sore and stiff,

Will I get rid of my underwired?

Chorus 2

Vaccine, vaccine, vaccine, vaccine,

I’m begging of you please don’t hesitate,

Vaccine, vaccine, vaccine, vaccine

Go get yours before it is too late

Verse 3

It’s been a while since the jab,

I’m looking great and feeling fab,

Even though my cup size is the same,

One side effect I do declare,

My music talent’s beyond compare, 

Now Country and Western stardom is my aim!

Chorus 3

Vaccine, vaccine, vaccine, vaccine,

Get your shots and let’s see Covid gone!

© Very Bad Hippy 2022

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Thanks so much for reading and watching.

Peace, love and light,

Sarah (on behalf of Very Bad Hippy) x

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