Hello Theros Adventures!

Re-vamping our joint YouTube channel

Hello folks,

Brett and I are revamping our joint YouTube channel so that we will be ready to share more adventures on land and sea, when we get going…hopefully sometime this summer.

We have changed the name from Theros Sailing Adventure to Theros Adventures to reflect the variety of activities we enjoy, including sailing, kayaking, long distance walking (thru hiking), electric road trips (by EV or electric bike) and so on.

The purpose of our Theros Adventures YouTube channel is to encourage and inspire other people to follow their hearts and go on their own adventures, however big or small and enjoy life to the full while doing it!

If we can share some travel tips along the way to make it easier, then that is what we shall do too. It is also about having some fun. We hope you will accompany us along these journeys of discovery. You may even feel prompted to come along.

Video playlists

I have arranged some playlists by adventure topic so just click on the links below:



Walking (thru hiking)

Electric road trips

Lovin’ the life electric

NEWSFLASH! A new video is up on our Theros Adventures YouTube channel.

Ahoy friends, shipmates and fellow adventure travellers,

Oh Canada… you are so beautiful!

Come and enjoy a virtual drive with us by electric vehicle from our home on Salt Spring Island in the southern Gulf Islands of British Columbia, through BC, Alberta, Saskatchewan and Manitoba to Kenora, Ontario.

Kenora is small city situated on the Lake of the Woods in northern Ontario where Captain Brett is from. We journeyed there last autumn (fall) in our trusty Nissan Leaf EV, named after the Irish goddess Brigid, to visit Brett’s mum.

This video will give you a taster of the countryside and places to stop along the way – each Province is different and has its own special beauty and energy. It will also give you a glimpse of what it is like to do a long-ish road trip by electric vehicle (EV) in Canada, a perfect country for road tripping. No worries!

So climb in, buckle up, turn up the music and enjoy the ride.

Love from

Captain Brett and First Mate Sarah x

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Ta very muchly…

Stay tuned for another exciting Theros adventure, as we will create and upload more content, which will be coming soon to a screen near you!

Peace, love and light,

Sarah x


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