Now, where did I put my “shorts”?

Hello friends,

I really like to explore different media for creative expression. Recently, I have been experimenting with creating short-form videos on YouTube called YouTube shorts. YouTube clearly aims to rival and perhaps surpass TikTok by expanding its platform to allow content creators to create and publish videos that last between 15 seconds and 1 minute only using a smartphone.

Before I go any further, I must confess, sometimes I feel exasperated by the fact that social media often caters, and maybe even contributes to the trend towards ever decreasing attention spans! I still prefer long-form videos and blog posts as I like to immerse myself into a story or factual article or documentary.

Having said that though, the YouTube shorts app seems relatively easy to use and I like the flexibility of being able to capture a creative thought, poem, song or melody, idea or video clip quickly, while on the move. There have been so many occasions when a creative thought, poem or line of a new song has entered my head, while I am travelling and yet I have failed time and time again to capture it before the “awen” or “imbas” vanishes into the mystery of life, the universe and everything in between.

I will probably use this format to introduce teasers or trailers to my longer-form videos on my personal channel, Sarah Justine Packwood and Theros Adventures, or short poems, songs or reflections on various themes. In particular, I intend to make use of this media to help me with my bardic grade studies, while walking along the path of druidry.

Here are a few examples:

Sailing shorts

We are sailing away…

A nauti homecoming …

Today is the day…

Humanitarian shorts

A top tip from a free range human

Poetry shorts

Gaia – an original poem

What do you think about short-form videos? Do you like them or do you prefer longer form videos? Do you have any ideas of how I could use this format?

Thanks for reading and watching.

With love,

Sarah xx


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