Two Blondes in a Car: Kenora to Thunder Bay, Ontario

Hello friends, adventurers and travellers,

Brett and I have been at sea along the Nova Scotian coast for a couple of weeks or so. Now that we are back on land for a few days I have been catching up on editing some more travel videos.

In this episode, we pick up from where we left off on our Trans-Canada electric road trip and drive from Kenora to Thunder Bay, Ontario, taking in a couple of well-known landmarks along the way. So put the kettle on and pour yourself a nice cup of tea and settle down to relax and enjoy the ride.

Music used in the video

I used the following pieces of music from the YouTube Audio library for this vlog post:

1. Just do it by RKVC

2. You are the only by TrackTribe

3. Cruiser by Magic in the Other

4. Road Tripzzz by Ofshane

5. Road Trip by Doug Maxwell, Jimmy Fontanez

6. Whispering Stream by E’s Jimmy Jams

7. Road Home by VYEN

8. On My Way Home by The 126ers

Look out for Theros Adventures Fridays, when I will post more video stories on our Theros Adventures YouTube channel in the coming weeks about our adventures at sea, as well as on land on Fridays. Thanks to those of you, who have already liked, shared, commented and subscribed. We really appreciate your support.

Thank you for watching and journeying with us.

Until next time, keep your dreams alive,

Sending peace, love and laughter,

Sarah and Brett xx

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