Two Blondes in a Car: What could possibly go wrong?…a Trans-Canada road trip by EV.

Hello friends,

How are you today? Thanks for dropping by.

Brett and I are in Nova Scotia, enjoying some summer sailing and I have been able to begin to catch up on editing our travel vlogs.

You may remember a few blog posts ago, I mentioned that we had resurrected our joint YouTube channel, which used to be called Theros Sailing Adventure and renamed it Theros Adventures to reflect the wider range of adventures we love to do, including sailing, long-distance walking (also known as thru-hiking), kayaking and electric road trips.

Theros Adventures Fridays

Do you remember “Thank God It’s Friday (TGIF)”? I recall the years when I was stuck in an office job in central London and by the time Friday afternoon came around my mind would happily wander to far flung places and epic travel experiences. I would hold on to those day dreams to get me through to the weekend, when I could at least get out and about, even if it was only for a walk by the Thames or on a train ride up to Warwickshire to visit family and friends or to go somewhere else for a day or two. TGIF. This gave me an inkling of an idea… Welcome to Theros Adventures Fridays! I know, I know… I am writing this blog post on a Sunday…but that is because I would just like to let you know that

I intend to post new Theros Adventures videos up on Fridays, whenever we have a new story to tell and we have access to an internet connection.

Well here is the first video story from a new series of vlogs about our epic, Trans Canada road trip in our trusty Nissan Leaf S Plus electric car. Perhaps these videos will make you smile or lift your spirits a little, while you dream to go on your own adventure near or far.

Anyway, this episode is about two hapless adventure travellers in an electric vehicle, heading out from Salt Spring Island, British Columbia on a Trans-Canada road trip to the East Coast…..what could go wrong? This is the first half of our journey. Enjoy!

The music used in this video

The music I have included in this video is from the YouTube Audio library and appears as follows:

1. Eighty Miles by VYEN

2. River Crossing by ALBIS

3. Road Trip by Magic in the Other

4. Lone Trail by Silent Partner

Oh yes and one other thing..while you are here, please do subscribe to our channel and hit the bell so you will receive an alert when we have uploaded a new mini-adventure. There are plenty more coming soon!

Thanks for watching and for travelling along with us.

Peace, love and lashings of ginger beer,

Sarah and Brett xx


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