Mother Moon – two versions of an original poem on YouTube shorts

Hello everyone,

Following my previous post, a new and very short poem revealed itself to me, while we were at anchor in a little cove on Cape Breton Island a couple of weeks ago. Well, I suppose it is more of a blessing really inspired by the iridescent beauty of the moon, particularly emanating from the reflection of moonlight on water.

Here is the blessing.

Mother Moon

You fill me with love,

You fill me with light,

Thank you Mother Moon for this magical night,

Shine upon all beings so free,

Protect them and guide them,

And so mote it be.

© Sarah Justine Packwood, August 2022

I had a go at producing a couple of YouTube shorts based on this poem. One has a clip of music, which you might recognise accompanying a video clip, in which you can see the moonlight shimmering behind the bow of Theros. The other one uses a video clip filmed a few minutes later, when the sky had darkened and instead of music, I narrated the poem.

Here are the two versions.

Mother Moon version one

Mother Moon version two

I am curious to know which version you prefer?

As always, thanks for reading, watching and encouraging me along my creative journey.

With love,

Sarah x

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