Two Blondes in a Car: Thunder Bay to Sault Saint Marie, Ontario in an EV

Hello friends, adventurers and armchair travellers,

Happy Theros Adventures Friday everyone!

A couple of Canadian legends

In this video story, Brett and I continue our epic, Trans-Canada road trip by electric car from Thunder Bay to Sault Saint Marie, Ontario. We stop by a couple of Canadian legends along the way…

Enjoy the virtual drive!

Music used in this video

In this video I use the following pieces of music, courtesy of the YouTube Audio Library:

1. Pink Horizon by Chris Haugen

2. Open Highway by ALBIS

3. Let’s Do This! by Nat Keefe and Hot Buttered Rum

4. Greaser by Track Tribe

5. Motor Hums by The 126ers

6. Progressive Rock by Audionautix is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 licence. Artist:

7. Take You Home Tonight by Vibe Tracks

Thanks for watching.

Peace, love and lashings of ginger beer,

Sarah and Brett xx


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