Adventurous thoughts on the move in Halifax, Nova Scotia

Hello adventurous spirits,

Happy Theros Adventures Friday!

Pondering upon adventure

Brett and I ponder what adventure means to each of us, while we potter around Melville Cove one evening and were fortunate to watch the skills of the sailors from Armdale Yacht Club on race night.

Music used in this video

In this short video, I have used the following compositions from the YouTube Audio Library:

1. Sunny Travel by Nico Staf

2. Good Days by Yung Logos

3. Down with Your GetUp by Mini Vandals

4. Blackest Crow by Track Tribe

5. The Blue Pearl by Jesse Gallagher

What does adventure mean to you?

Theros Adventures

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With love and lashings of ginger beer,

from Sarah and Brett xx


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