Reunited with Theros and the Splash!

Ahoy shipmates and landlubbers and fellow adventure travellers,

Thank God it’s Theros Adventures Friday (#TGITAF)!

Reunited with Theros

We are so excited to be reunited with our beloved sailboat, Theros, named after the God (or Goddess) of summer. She is a 42 ft Gib’Sea, solent-rigged ketch. We are looking forward to sailing around the maritimes this summer. Here is the moment, when we were reunited with her…and then the work began!

The music used in this video

In this video, I have used the following excellent pieces of music from the YouTube Audio library:

1. Come on Out by Dan Lebowitz

2. Captain by Topher Mohr and Alex Elena

3. Sea of Ancestry by Jesse Gallagher

4. Boat floating by Puddle of Infinity

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Thanks for watching and we do appreciate your comments and questions. Keep them coming!

Lots of love and lashings of ginger beer,

Sarah and Brett xx


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