Two Blondes in a Car: Sault Saint Marie to Montreal by EV

Hello friends and fellow adventurers,

Happy Theros Adventure Friday everyone! In this video we continue our electric road trip across Canada and drive from Sault Saint Marie to North Bay and then onwards to Ottawa and Montreal. Come and join us for this journey, put your seat belt on and sit back, relax and enjoy the countryside.

Music used in the video

I used a few pieces of music from the YouTube Audio Library as follows:

1. Six Seasons by Unicorn Heads

2. Skylines by Anno Domini Beats

3. Sunset Strip by Audionautix

We hope you enjoy it!

Don’t forget Theros Adventure Fridays!

Join us next time for the last episode from this series of video blogs from our electric road trip and then we will move on to some sailing related videos for a while.

So please stay tuned and consider subscribing to our channel.

Thanks for watching and for journeying with us.

With love,

Sarah xx


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