Two Blondes in a Car: Montreal, Quebec to Dartmouth, Nova Scotia by EV

Hello friends, adventurers, travellers and curious folk,

Happy Theros Adventures Friday!

This is the end…

You made it all of this way with us. This is the last video blog episode of our epic Trans-Canada road trip by electric car series. We do hope you enjoy this final leg of the trip. It has been quite a drive hasn’t it?

We have been able to show that it is indeed possible to drive all of the way across Canada from Salt Spring Island in British Columbia in the West to Dartmouth, Nova Scotia on the East Coast by electric car.

Theros Adventures

When we come back in November after walking el Camino del Norte in September and October, we will need to do the return journey!

Music used in this video

Anyway, I digress…the music I have selected to accompany this video blog episode is from the YouTube Audio Library and appears as follows:

1. Center Ring by Freedom Trail Studios

2. Crushin by Audionautix

3. Case Study by TrackTribe

4. Joy Ride by Bad Snacks

5. Dude, where’s my horse? by Nat Keefe with the Bow Ties

6. Road Trip by Slynk

7. Sunny Over the Horizon by RAGE

8. Feel Nice by Rick Steel

9. Where We Wanna Go by Patrick Patrikios

10. Fiddles McGinty by Kevin MacLeod

11. Greeting the Day with a Smile by Doug Maxwell, Media Right Productions

12. Master of the Feast by Kevin MacLeod

A big thank you

Thanks to all of you new subscribers, you are awesome. Thanks so much for journeying with us so far. We hope you will continue to accompany us virtually (and, who knows, maybe in person in the future?).

Stay tuned for more exciting Theros Adventures on Theros Adventures Fridays, we have some sailing and long-distance hiking vlogs coming soon to a screen near you.

Until then, take care, stay safe and keep your dreams alive,

Love and lashings of ginger beer,

Sarah and Brett xx


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