Camino del Norte days 0 – flying to Blighty & limbering up in old Londinium

Hello friends, pilgrims and fellow travellers,

We said our fond farewells to our beloved sailboat Theros on the morning of Wednesday 31st August 2022 and later on to our good friends we have made here at the Dartmouth Yacht Club. Our summer sailing adventures zipped past in a jiffy. I have uploaded some long form sailing and seaside related videos to our Theros Adventures YouTube Channel, so one will be published each week on Fridays, all being well!

The Captain and Theros on the hard at Dartmouth Yacht Club, Nova Scotia on the day we left.

In the early afternoon we headed out in Brigid (our EV) to Halifax International Airport for our flight to Blighty.

The Captain waiting to board our WestJet flight

After two smooth flights to London Gatport Airsick, we breezed through with our Camino packs because they were small and light enough for us to take as carry on. Soon we headed to South London by train and stopped in Balham, where our close friend Annie picked us up. It was so good to catch up with her after three years! As you can imagine, we had lots to talk about during our overnight stay. The next day, Annie went to work at the hospital quite early, so after a hearty and healthy breakfast we decided to walk with our packs into town.

In Annie’s garden in Tooting Broadway

A bimble around Battersea snd Belgravia was a great way to limber up for the Camino.

Old Father Thames looking terribly low but still rolling along, Battersea

Of course, it was not long before we had the usual second breakfast, which is a tradition on the Camino!

At Gail’s Bakery in Battersea Square

We couldn’t walk through Battersea without visiting the park.

At the Peace Pagoda – what better place to set our intentions?
Reminiscing about a favourite spot

We managed to squeeze in a few errands such as getting a Lyca mobile pay as you go SIM for my phone to use for the day and when we come back in October, changing pounds into Euros and stopping in at Run and Become in Victoria for Brett to pick up a pair of specialist sports insoles to keep his feet in good shape. Any pilgrim knows that you really need to invest in keeping your feet fit, healthy and comfy. Even rambling 10km in old London Town reminded us of this!

And the time flew by when we were having fun. All too soon it was time to say cheerio to London and zoom off to Gatport Airsick again. I bet you can’t guess what happened to me.

Where is Sarah?

I asked the Captain what he felt when walking the Camino…

Walking the Camino feels like this?

Anyway, did I make it to the gate?

Here we are on the EasyJet flight to Biarritz

So there you have a brief run down of our “Days Zero” in preparation for our highly-anticipated adventure along el Camino del Norte.

I will endeavour to blog about my experiences, reflections and creative bits and pieces as I go along el Camino del Norte, but I might be a tad tired at the end of the day.

Thanks for reading and journeying with me!

Ultreïa et Suseïa!

Lots of love,

Sarah x


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