Wandering thoughts around Melville Cove, Halifax, Nova Scotia

Hello fellow travellers,

Feeling stuck?

Do you ever feel stuck when you are working?

In this short video, I share a couple of thoughts about how to get yourself ‘unstuck’, as well as a few other random reflections, while I bimble along the trail around Melville Cove, Halifax, Nova Scotia.

Music used in the video

In this video I have incorporated these great music compositions from the YouTube Audio library:

1. Easy Stroll by Track Tribe

2. Morning Stroll by Josh Kirsch Media Right Productions

3. Row, row, row your boat by The Green Orbs

4. Green Leaves by Audionautix

Where do you walk to find inspiration?

Feel free to leave your comments in the comments below.

Thanks a bunch for watching and journeying with us!

Peace, love and light,

Sarah xx

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