A postcard from Halifax Seaport, Halifax, Nova Scotia

Ahoy there!

Happy Theros Adventures Friday to you all, wherever you may be.

A postcard in motion

Since arriving in Nova Scotia, and while waiting for Theros to be put back into the water, we have spent two weeks flat and cat sitting for boater friends of ours in Halifax, which brought us a wonderful opportunity to explore the area. We hope you enjoy this postcard-in-motion from Halifax Seaport, a great place to go for a Sunday stroll!

Music used in this video

In this video, I used the following pieces of music from the YouTube Audio Library:

1. Sailing by Telecasted

2. Large Smile Mood by Nico Staf

3. South Street Strut by The Great North Sound Society

4. Cold Blue by Astron

5. Sailing by Anno Domini Beats

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Keep on travelling folks…


Sarah and Brett xx


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