Boat prep and a bimble around Point Pleasant Park, Halifax, Nova Scotia

Ahoy shipmates!

Happy Theros Adventures Friday…

There is always more

We haven’t forgotten you. We are back from walking el Camino del Norte and I am now editing our video footage from our summer adventures in Nova Scotia to share with you very soon.

This episode gives you a bit of a flavour of the work that we had to do before we set sail but it was not all work and no play. We made time to go for a Sunday afternoon stroll in Point Pleasant Park in Halifax. We hope you enjoy peeking “behind the scenes”.

Music used in this video

In this video, I used the following pieces of music from the YouTube Audio Library:

1) Silver waves by Track Tribe

2) Sunday stroll by Huma Huma

Thanks for watching! Stay tuned for more adventures. I will post up more sailing videos, as well as some from our epic hike through France and Spain.

Sending you love and lashes of ginger beer,

Sarah x


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