Gabriel’s Message – a traditional Basque folk carol

Dear friends,

Gabriel’s Message is one of my all time favourite carols. I learned to sing it while I was a member of a well-known Anglican church choir in central London. I find it’s melody so captivating and haunting, while the lyrics point towards the mystery of the Magnificat.

I recorded this version of Gabriel’s Message using a small microphone attached to my MacBook Air laptop and captured the tracks in the Apple programme Garageband. The tracks include my own soprano and alto vocals, a simple rhythm I played on my hand drum and I borrowed Brett’s beautiful Washburn acoustic guitar for two guitar parts. Underneath it all, I put a recorded track of the crackling from our log fire in our new house. Although we have still got so much work to do to finish our house, we can sit in the lounge in front of the fire!

I used some recent video clips from the snow scenes around our house here on Salt Spring Island, the other day and of our log fire and chose the rest carefully from the free video library at Pexels, with sincere gratitude to all of the artists, videographers and photographers who have allowed other creators, like myself, to use their work. To me, this is an example of the power of Creative Commons in action.

Towards the end you will find my wish for you and your loved ones.
Please know that this video comes to you with my love and blessings across the miles, wherever you are in the world.

Peace, love and light,

Sarah xx


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