Two blondes on a build story #10: our eco house design & getting building materials up our hill

Hello friends,

Thank you

I hope your New Year has begun with much happiness and anticipation for what lies ahead. May your dreams be fulfilled in 2023. Let me start by greeting all of you lovely subscribers to my blog (and also my YouTube channel). Thank you for joining me along this journey of creativity. I would like to thank those of you who have left your kind comments and questions or have liked and shared my blog posts and videos. Your encouragement means a lot to me (and also to my hubby Brett).

Our eco house design

Brett and I had a quiet and cosy Christmas in our tiny home, reflecting on 2022 and recharging after all of the busyness and adventures. This has meant I have been able to do a bit more video editing in the evenings. In this Two Blondes on a Build video blog episode we reveal the design for our eco house by Linwood Homes and talk through some of the customisations we were able to do.

A logistical challenge

You may remember from our very first Two Blondes on a Build video blog episode (as well as story #5 the long and winding driveway part1 and #6 the long and winding driveway part 2) just how steep our plot of land is and how we created a driveway up to our build site. As you can imagine, the topography posed some logistical difficulties. In this episode we show you how we overcame the challenge of unloading the building materials from the delivery truck and moving them up the hill.

So grab a cuppa and sit back and relax, while you watch this video.

Music used in the video

As usual I have selected some pieces of music from the YouTube audio library and I thank the following great artists for sharing their compositions:

  1. Your Love by Yung Logos
  2. Rollin’ by Lauren Dusking
  3. Patience by Dyalla
  4. Workout by Freedom Trail Studio
  5. Waltz in low light by Nat Keefe and Hot Buttered Rum
  6. Party Waltz by Sir Cubworth

Thanks so much for watching.

Lots of love,

Sarah x


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