Hey Mr. Sunrise, one of my original songs I wrote 30 yrs ago

Hello friends,

I have been tinkering about with my guitar just lately and remembering some of my old songs that I wrote when I was 23 years old, about one year after I bought my first guitar and taught myself to play a few chords. This song Hey Mr. Sunrise came to me all in one go. I guess it wrote itself and I happened to be in the right place at the right time for the Awen to flow and for me to coax it out of the ether.

For any of you who might be going through a rough time and you feel like you have been a dark place for too long, waiting for the sun to come up, then I hope this song will bring you comfort and encouragement. Whatever you are going through will pass and you will be able to welcome the dawning of a new day in your life.

It is my dearest, long-held dream that one day I will be able to record an album of my original songs. This is obviously a very rough, off the cuff cut in this video, but I would welcome your thoughts and feelings about it, if you feel so inclined.

Lyrics to Hey Mr. Sunrise

I published the lyrics to my original song, quite a long time ago. You can find them here by clicking on the link below:

Mr. Sunrise

Thanks for watching and for walking with me on my creative journey.

Peace, love and light,

Sarah xx


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