The Blacksmith – a traditional English folk song & an usual musical instrument.

Hello everyone,

How are you doing today? Brett and I are well and keeping very busy with the house build and my consultancy work. Every now and then I need a break, so I make some time to be creative. I enjoy making music and remembering the songs I used to sing way back when…

Here is a song I recently recorded. It is one of my favourite traditional English folk songs called “The Blacksmith”. I used to sing this one a cappella in folk clubs in Wales and England. This song is listed as number 816 in the Roud Folk Song library. Ralph Vaughan Williams noted it down in 1909 but it has been around a lot longer than that.

I decided to experiment with this version by trying it out with my hand drum as the main percussive accompaniment.

Then I spotted our set of bellows we use for stoking up our fire. Well, the song is about a blacksmith after all so I thought the sound of our crackling fire and the bellows might add a spot of ambience!

In addition to those, I sung a low drone note underneath the main vocals and captured it using ambient vocals on Garageband and wove in a tambourine loop and shake. I hope you enjoy it!

Thanks for watching and encouraging my creativity. I would greatly appreciate it if you could give this song a like and share on YouTube to help me grow this channel.

I will create more music and songs soon.

Lots of love,

Sarah x


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