Two Blondes on a Build Story #11: Framing up the ground floor & raising some beams for our eco house

Hello friends,

How are you doing? I hope you are enjoying the new year so far.

Our Two Blondes on a Build story continues. In this video blog episode, Brett and I frame up the ground floor and raise up some of the hefty beams, putting them in place using a nifty innovation that Brett came up with.

Hint: it has something to do with boats. What a star!

We will be forever grateful to three lovely people we know, who gave us a helping hand when we needed it the most:

  • our neighbour Hamish, who helped us raise a couple of the beams;
  • our friend Dave, who came all the way from Kenora, Ontario to spend a week with us to assist us with putting nails into hold downs and putting plywood in place and
  • our friend Tim, who popped in from the Sunshine Coast with his family and worked with Brett to put some of the bolts in place in the beams.

We hope you enjoy the video.

If you have any burning questions about the ‘what, why, when and how‘ we are doing elements of our house construction please do not be shy and feel free leave your comments and questions in the comment section below the video on YouTube or at the end of this blog post. We will endeavour to address the questions we receive in a future video episode.

If you didn’t catch any of our earlier Two Blondes on a Build videos, you can find the complete playlist at this link:

Two Blondes on a Build playlist

Music used in the video

As usual, I combed through the YouTube audio library for some fantastic tracks to accompany the clips and here they are:

  1. Your Love by Yung Logos
  2. Winds of Spring by The 126ers
  3. Sunshine by The Mini Vandals
  4. Shred the Wall by Ashley Shadow
  5. Put It by TrackTribe
  6. Short Guitar Clip by Audionautix
  7. Home Base Groove by Kevin McLeod
  8. Friendly Dance by Nico Staff
  9. Let’s Do This! by Nat Keefe and Hot Buttered Rum
  10. Betya by Lauren Dusking
  11. Find Your Way Beat by Nana Kwabena
  12. Happy Boy Theme by Kevin McLeod
  13. Hot Swing by Kevin McLeod
  14. Funky (Sting) Twin Musicom
  15. Mosswood by Steve Adam
  16. Hopeful Freedom by Asher Fulero

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Thanks for watching!

Peace, love and light,

Sarah x


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