Two Blondes on a Build story # 15: Putting the roofing on our eco home.

Hello everyone,

Greetings to you all from sunny Salt Spring Island and welcome back to our Two Blondes on a Build video blog series. We are still building!

This latest episode is all about putting the roofing on our post and beam, eco house. It was certainly a formidable task. I hope you enjoy it!

If you have any questions please put them in the comments section below the video.

Music used in the video

A big shout out to all of the musicians and composers, who make their music available, royalty free, to other creators, like myself. The music used in this video came from the YouTube Audio Library and appears in the following order:

1. Your Love by Yung Logos,

2. Bus Da Blockbuster by Doug Maxwell – Media Right Productions,

3. Picnic On The Roof by The Whole Other,

4. The Two Seasons by Dan Bodan,

5. Rooftops by Silent Partner,

6. Adventure Theme by Sir Cubworth,

7. Saving the World by Aaron Kenny,

8. Cartoon Sting by Twin Musicom

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Thanks so much for supporting me along this creative journey and for encouraging my husband and I on our build.

Sending peace and love,

Sarah x


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