Four pilgrim prayers inspired by el Camino de Santiago.

Hello friends!

Something amazing happens to me when I walk. Thoughts and creative ideas begin to flow as naturally as breathing. It is almost as if my footsteps onto the earth resonate with a deeper rhythm within, perhaps my heart centre and this energy pulls down inspiration from source.

In the last wèek I have found that, while I put one foot in front of the other, words pop into my head and take shape in the form of stanzas of short poems or mantras that mirror the rhythm of my steps as I move along. These mantras could be used as prayers for different circumstances for fellow pilgrims as they walk along or in everyday life as they ‘re-integrate’ into their life back home.

So I feel prompted to share these first four pilgrim prayers or mantras with you in the hope that you will enjoy them and find them useful.


I am healthy,
I am strong,
My (knee)* is healed,
I can do this!

* or replace knee with another part of the body that requires healing.

Worries about scarcity or lack

Abundant life,
Abundant healing,
Abundant wealth,
Abundant feeling,
So let it be.


My heart is full of gratitude,
My heart is full of love,
As my soul expands to join the source
Of guidance from above.


Water of life,
Flow through me,
Cleanse and heal,
Restore, renew and
Set me free
From the prison without
And the cage within
I have built round my heart.
I let energy in,
To move where it goes
In spirals of love,
I will find my flow.

There might be more coming along a Camino near you! I will share them as they manifest themselves. Thank you for being a co-creator of this journey!

The poem “Flow” features in our new video about el Camino de Santiago, which I have uploaded to my YouTube channel. You can watch it by clicking on this link: “A Poetic Journey along el Camino de Santiago” (Camino Frances)

Peace, love and light,

Sarah xxx


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