A Camino Day – the surprise of co-creation!

Hello friends,

You may remember that back on June 19th 2020, I posted a poem called “Camino Day”. My husband Brett wrote it and he has captured perfectly the essence of what it is like for a pilgrim to walk for a day on el Camino de Santiago.

Anyway, Brett and I had a lovely surprise, when a member of our ‘pilgrim family’ from our walk on the Camino Frances last year contacted us. Leon, who we met in the municipal albergue Os Chacotes in Galicia, has produced a beautiful, short video about the Camino and has used Brett’s poem as the accompaniment. Leon’s friend Luiza Vicentine narrates the poem and she does a wonderful job! You can watch it here:



You can subscribe to Leon’s youtube channel at this link Eu disse Bullus

You can learn more about Luiza Vicentine on Instagram at this link luavicentini

I think this is a magical example of how co-creation works: the coming together of inspiration and ideas between people from different backgrounds and countries in the moment and incubated in nature.

Happy watching!

What will you co-create today?

Peace, love and light,

Sarah xxx

4 thoughts on “A Camino Day – the surprise of co-creation!

  1. Hmm sorry about the ‘sent from tablet’ above…. tried to reply to an email I think and ended up having to logon to word-press and cut and paste, don’t employ me as an editor!
    Was just reading your comments and plans for a movie version with your own material, was thinking mine version would have huffing and puffing sounds, some wine glass chinking and occasional swearing about Brierly’s lack of warning of an up hill!!

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    1. well if it is any consolation you will definitely hear some huffing and puffing on our soundtrack when we post it up. Alas I neglected to record clinking glasses … and such an integral sound of the Camino. However there will be the dulcet sounds of birds chirping, frogs croaking, cowbells tinkling and the bells of Santiago!

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