Arise in love – a lover’s blessing.

Hello friends!

Reflecting on the past year, I felt drawn to remember and enter into, once again, the magical mystery of our handfasting ceremony that took place inside the inner stone circle at Stonehenge, Wiltshire on Earth Day, 22nd April 2017.

Our handfasting at Stonehenge on Earth Day

Here Brett and I echoed our first marriage vows that we took onboard our sailboat Theros on 3rd July 2016, but somehow our vows inside the Neolithic stone circle took on even deeper significance through the ancient Celtic traditional wedding ceremony.

We were surrounded by love from the ancients – our ancestors, who had trod this earth before us and our family members, who had passed over to the spiritual plane.  We tangibly felt their presence, when Priest David and Priestess Rebecca invited them into the circle.

We were surrounded by love from our family and friends during the day, some of whom had travelled for hundreds of miles to witness our union and celebrate with us. They blessed us by bringing to us much joy, laughter, friendship, table fellowship and creativity.

We were surrounded by love from nature. The ravens, who watched over our handfasting in the stone circle and the ley lines of energy, emanating from the holy ground, upon which we stood. The cowslips, who nodded in agreement in the wildflower meadow at the Hawk Conservancy Trust during our blessing ceremony.  And later on there, the raptors, who soared, glided, swooped and circled, delighting us all with their majestic presence and filling our hearts with wonder.

We were surrounded by love for each other – soulmates, who met by a synchronistic encounter at a bus stop and became best friends, through thick and thin and lovers.  Our love has been tested through difficult times when loved ones have passed on and we have experienced challenging ocean passages onboard Theros. Simultaneously, our love has arisen, strong and free to soar on eagle wings to new beginnings.

I include the video of our handfasting ceremony for your enjoyment below:

When Brett and I arrived in Nicaragua yesterday afternoon, after a two-day and two-night sail on Theros from Puerto Quetzal, in Guatemala, the co-creative urge captured me again for some minutes, so I picked up my pen, opened the yellowing pages of my travel journal and the following lover’s blessing revealed itself.

I dedicate this blessing and poem to all of you, who give yourselves over to love, into whatever form your love metamorphoses – for friends, family members, work teammates, partners, soulmates, lovers, nature and the environment and All That Is, not forgetting, of course, self-love too. 

Arise in love – a lover’s blessing

Arise in love and live every moment consciously,

Being mindful and totally present,

Abide in love and walk side by side in harmony for all of your days,

Allay in love the fears that creep in by stealth, for they have no place here.

Agree in love to disagree at times and tread your own pathway

Fearlessly to fulfil your dreams,

Assure in love when there is a need to remind one another

Of the unbreakable thread that binds your hearts as one,

Allure in love the excitement that fluttered like butterfly wings between you,

To turn your eyes to gaze upon each other,

Lift the corners of your mouths into crescent moon smiles

And make your spirits soar to the dizziest of heights.

Attune in love to the vibrations of heartstrings and soul songs,

That were co-created with the Universe since time began,

Amaze in love the indescribable beauty of your true natures,

inclusive, ever-powerful and radiant.

© Sarah Justine Packwood, New Year’s Eve 2017,

on board Theros in Puesto del Sol, Nicaragua. 

With this, I wish you and your loved ones a Happy and Blessed New Year!

Peace, love and light,

Sarah xxx

P.S.  If you enjoyed this poem, then please do drop by and browse my other poetry offerings here.


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